A Bareboat Charter simply put is a yacht that is rented without crew or skipper, so you will skipper and navigate it yourself. Consequently, you will take full responsibility for all aspects of the boat and journey: Navigation, Sailing, Mooring, Motoring, Cooking, Cleaning etc. Bareboat charters offer tremendous freedom to go wherever you want, when you want, providing you with a unique and unrivalled vacation experience.

With unlimited freedom comes great responsibility – one of the members must be a certified R.Y.A. Day skipper or carrying an ICC certificate. Bareboat Chartering also require that everyone on board pitches in, so that the charter experience is one of teamwork. The skipper should not only know how to manage the boat, but also how to coordinate and manage the “crew” as well, especially on a sail yacht.

If you aren’t a R.Y.A. certified day skipper, we have everything covered for you, click http://aegeansailingschool.com/ and start your sailing courses in our top notch Sailing Centre.

A crewed charter is a charter on a luxury yacht, where a permanent professional crew taking care of the yacht and passengers. The crew is made up of a highly-experienced yacht captain and additional professionally trained sailing crew, all of whom are certified in their roles by one of the most demanding and most widely known boating organisation in the world, the Royal Yachting Association. Our crew members take care of the maintenance, sailing, cooking, cleaning and navigation, and are typically experts in the region where you will be chartering. Don’t underestimate the value of local knowledge – it can make the difference between efficiency and hassle when finding a mooring, restaurant, or dealing with
local customs! Because each crew is dedicated to one yacht and lovingly care for it, Crewed Yachts are generally in excellent condition.

Crewed chartering combines the service and friendliness of an elegant hotel with complete freedom to explore amazing destinations without ever worrying about the crowds. If you want the exhilaration of being on the water, privacy of your own boat, but a bit of luxury and pampering, then we highly recommend a crewed charter!

You can start arranging your charter right now while you are viewing this site! If you know what kind of boat you are looking for you may browse our fleet and send a quick quote request. If you are unsure about which boat best suits your needs or have further questions, simply contact us with your initial plans and we will be glad to help.

The Greek Maritime Authorities require minimum one sailing license/certification and one experienced crew member as co-skipper for bare boat charters. ASA & R.Y.A. certifications are fully recognized. A sailing license or certification is defined as the appropriate documentation officially recognized in the charterer’s home country. A sailing experience declaration may be required by the local port authorities for the skipper and co-skipper.

If you aren’t a R.Y.A. certified skipper, we have everything covered for you, click http://aegeansailingschool.com/ and start your sailing courses in our top notch Sailing Centre.

Many charter companies are simply agents, who manage the clients on behalf of yacht owners. We actually own all the yachts we charter. This means we have a vested interest in keeping them well maintained and looked after so you’ll find them in the best condition.

First and foremost, all charter companies must adhere to the local maritime laws and regulations. This is your primary protection, and in most cases the rules are quite strict. For instance, in Greece the Coast Guard regularly checks papers of the yachts and large fines are imposed if anything is missing.

Furthermore, according to the Greek Maritime Law all vessels must have insurance. You have every right to see these papers prior to embarkation. Beyond this, we work only with proven skippers, who have a track record of success and happy customers. Before we cooperate with a skipper, they must agree to meet our high standard of customer satisfaction, and we provide yachts that are clean and in excellent condition for their age.

In addition, our Yachts and Professional Crew are annually inspected by R.Y.A., in order to ensure the top notch quality of our services. In Addition, many of our charter yachts have reviews and star ratings from actual clients who have chartered the yachts. They give you first-hand information about the yachts and crew.

Finally, of course, the general rule is that the newer the boat, the better the condition. We have a large inventory of new Bavaria Yachts; please do let us know if you would like a recent model.

The climate in Greece is predominantly Mediterranean: mild and rainy winters, relatively hot and dry summers and, generally, extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year. A great variety of climate subtypes, always within the Mediterranean climate frame, are encountered in several regions of Greece. This is due to the influence of topography (mainly the Pindus mountain range along the central part of Greece) on the air masses coming from the moisture sources of the central Mediterranean Sea.

During the warm and dry periods the weather is usually stable, the sky is clear, the sun is bright and there is generally no rainfall. There are, however, infrequent and
brief intervals of rapid rain mainly over mainland areas. The warm period starts in April and ends end of October with and average air temperature from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

The warmest period occurs during June, July and August, when the mean maximum temperature lies between 29.0 and 38.0 degrees Celsius. During the warm period the high temperatures are tempered by fresh sea breezes in the coastal areas of the country and from the north periodic winds, known as Meltemia or Etesians, blowing mainly in the Aegean Archipelago.

The key for sailing charters is simplicity and a minimum of unneeded extras. Casual and breezy beach attire is certainly the order of the day on deck, though for evenings ashore, slacks or a sundress are appropriate. Rubber soled shoes as opposed to hard soles are recommended aboard our yachts, so wear boat shoes or tennis shoes. You may find aquatic shoes convenient for beachcombing. Above all, protection from the sun is vital – lots of suntan lotion, wide-brimmed hats or sailing caps, and loose-fitting cotton cover-ups. For cool or windy evenings, a windbreaker comes in handy. Don’t forget to pack it all in soft shell baggage for easy onboard storage.

Of course! Our yachts offer a fantastic family vacation experience. Our skippers and crews will provide guidance on onboard safety, in using the snorkeling gear, kayaks and other water toys and are experienced in serving families with children. If your charter includes a chef, they will be happy to provide a menu to accommodate the preferences of both children and adults.

Start and end your sailing on an authentic Greek island – but one that’s close to Athens, the capital city of Greece. We’re based on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf, with good transport links to both Athens airport and the city centre for sightseeing. Pop into our offices in Martyros Leontiou Street 8 Aegina, Greece. If you have a hard time finding us, give us a call at 22970 25852.

Despite being just 31km from Athens, Aegina is unspoilt and blessed with green valleys, mountains, beaches, pretty ports, and fabulous walking routes.

Aegina is a triangular island, 85 sq.km in size, with a year-round population of around 12,500 that gets boosted during the summer months. The island is predominantly mountainous but there are plains where pistachio, grapes, olives, figs, and almonds are grown.

Aegina has also a notable history. It was the first capital of modern Greek State, after the War of Independence, and the first Greek coin was minted here.

Aegina has many attractions for the visitor including the Sanctuary of Afaia, the new church of Ayios Nektarios, interesting monasteries, beautiful beaches, and accommodation of all types. It is well worth spending a day or two on the island before or after your sailing trip.